March 4th, 2024

Word of Mouth Only Company: We Won’t Bother Your Neighbors Unless They Want Us To

Excellent work speaks for itself. Sixty years ago, word of mouth was the standard way to get new customers and more business. That method of getting customers slowly started fading out when TV introduced commercials for businesses, but that was too expensive for small business owners. Word of mouth died out a little more when small businesses realized they could print a flyer and mass-mail it to customers in a 50-mile radius. While that is still a good option, word of mouth almost completely died out in the modern digital age.

Now customers rely on social media and review sites like Yelp to get the word out. We use a combination of approaches about our business, but word of mouth is still best. 

Why Word of Mouth Still Works for Roofing Businesses

You can generate thousands of leads for roofing jobs, but real business comes from happy customers who have referred their friends and family to your company. We rely heavily on this “outdated” word of mouth approach because it works. Many of our customers are the result of other customers who had their roofs done by us and were really happy with the results. Their friends and family can see the results of our work firsthand, and that is what gets us new customers.

We Could Knock on Your Neighbors’ Doors, But We Won’t

While we are working on your roof, we could knock on your neighbors’ doors to drum up more business. We won’t do that, however, because we don’t like bothering people who may not be interested. Instead, your neighbors can see what a great job we do on your roof. If they want their roofs done, they only have to ask you for our information.