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Insurance Claims

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We'll Help You With Your Insurance Claim in Baton Rouge, LA and all of Southern Louisiana

If you've ever had to file an insurance claim for a roofing accident, you know it can be a long, stressful process. But what if we told you we could make the insurance claim process easier?

We’re A Step Above Roofing, one of the reliable roofing companies that work with insurance claims. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the entire roofing insurance process. We’ll make sure you get the money you deserve from your insurer. Our company wants to help people get back on their feet after they’ve had a setback—and that’s why we offer free inspections of your property before we start any work. You can trust us with any insurance claim assistance you’re looking for in Baton Rouge, LA and all of Southern Louisiana.

How Do Roofing Companies Work With Insurance Companies?

Step one: Inspection
We provide 100% free inspections and give recommendations based on professional experience.

Step two: Claim (with signed roofing contract)
If there is any damage, we’ll call the claim for the customer (with them present for the conference call). We’ll provide the insurance company with the proper information fitting the damage to the property.

Step three: Meeting
The insurance company will call and notify the customer of the adjuster meeting. We will have a representative from A Step Above Roofing present for the insurance adjuster meeting/property inspection.

Step four: Breakdown
As we hope this process goes seamlessly, you’ll be receiving your breakdown /summary from your insurance company. We’ll be there to explain it to you line by line. If not, this is where we’ll start the process of calling the insurance company for re-inspections/supplements/etc. We take on the hard part for our customers!

Step five: Construction
Before we complete our roofing insurance claims, we’ll construct the project according to your needs and budget.

Step Six: Completion
We’ll send in completion photos, the letter of completion, and final invoices directly to the insurance company, letting them know the work is fully completed, and they can close the claim. All invoices go directly to the insurance company, ensuring our customers NEVER pay more than their deductible stated by their insurance company.

Choose Our Roofing Contractor Insurance Experts

Here at A Step Above Roofing, we work with your insurance company to get you the money you need to pay for your roof replacement. We have relationships with many insurance companies and will ensure they process your claim as quickly as possible. Our team knows how hard it can be to find reliable contractors qualified for this type of work who also know what they are doing when dealing with insurance claims. Worry no more- we’re here for you. Trust us with your insurance claim process in Baton Rouge, LA and all of Southern Louisiana!

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