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Solar Services

Increase Your Savings

Are You Planning on Getting a Solar Panel Installation in Baton Rouge, LA and all of Southern Louisiana?

If you need a solar panel installation, rely on us to get the job done flawlessly. We are able to complete a variety of tasks that guarantee each component will be in good condition. Make your property in Baton Rouge, LA and all of Southern Louisiana energy efficient while protecting the rest of your home.
Receive Assistance With Your Current Home Solar Panels

Do you need a solar panel replacement? We can assist you with that and more. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are also able to install or replace roof mounts. If you already own one and notice defects on your roof, we are qualified to detach the system, fix the issue, and reattach everything! At A Step Above Roofing, we use quality materials to deliver results that last for years.

Fix Your Roof!

Whether you need a solar panel installation or replacements, we are here for you! Thanks to our years of experience, we can also fix the roofing around and below your system to keep your property protected. Team up with our professionals in Baton Rouge, LA and all of Southern Louisiana today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know, we are eager to assist you.

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