• Military, First Responders, Medical, and Service Members All Get 10% off All Jobs With A Step Above Roofing

    Working as a doctor, nurse, or EMT? Maybe you are active or inactive military personnel? Whatever your profession, if it falls along these lines, A Step Above Roofing LLC wants…

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  • How to Winterize Your Home Effectively

    Introduction Weather reports predict a very cold winter in South Louisiana, and residents must prepare accordingly. Getting ready for the cold season goes beyond buying warm clothes and bringing out…

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    Shingle Warranty Requirements

    Pretty much all shingle manufactures have the same requirements to get the most out of your warranty. #1- 4 parts of their system must be used. A photo of CerainTeed’s…

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    Attic Ventilation

    Most people call and the first statement is “My attic is hot, I need more ventilation.” In Most cases people have to much. Attics need proper velocity to move are…

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